About the secondary major

Students pursuing a secondary major in International Studies gain an understanding of global issues, learn to communicate across cultures, develop awareness of cultural ideas and attitudes, and are well positioned to become global leaders in their chosen field. The secondary major requires a minimum of 27 semester credits.

Secondary major requirements

  • complete two core courses plus courses in geographic regional studies and a topical module;
  • demonstrate proficiency in a language relevant to the selected geographic region;
  • participate in a required study, service or work abroad.

The major must include a minimum of 12 credits not used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement.

You can choose your own courses to complete your secondary major around a combination of a designated topical module and a geographic region. View specific requirements by expanding the areas below.

Each student must complete two required core courses:

  • INTST 235 “Introduction to International Studies” (3 cr.)
  • INTST 430 “Seminar in International Studies” (3 cr.)

Students must complete 9 credits of coursework (at least 6 credits at the 300+ level) from one of the following topics:

  • Global Environmental Issues
  • Globalization and Economic Development
  • International Issues in Science and Technology
  • International Communication
  • International Conflict
  • Social and Cultural Change

Students must complete 9 credits of coursework (at least 6 credits at the 300+ level) from one of the following regions:

  • Africa & Middle East
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Russia, East Europe & Central Asia

Students must complete 3 additional credits from either the Geographic Region or Topical Module.

Additional requirements

World language proficiency

Students must complete or have language proficiency equivalent to two years of college-level study of a world language that is relevant to the selected geographic region.

Study, service or work abroad

A minimum of three weeks of international experience (study, service, or internship) is required. Students must earn a minimum of 3 credits for their international experience. Up to 12 credits of coursework taken abroad can be applied to the major with the approval of the International Studies program director.