Prepare for careers or advanced study in the international arena, such as foreign service, journalism, advocacy organizations, scientific or research institutions, business, nongovernmental development organizations (NGOs), humanitarian agencies, environmental organizations, human rights organizations, think tanks, international agriculture, and international engineering with a secondary major or minor in International Studies.

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    Secondary Major

    Broaden your academic perspective with a lens through which you can explore the interconnected global issues shaping our world. Enhance your cultural competency while gain a distinct advantage in today’s interconnected and globalized job market.

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    A minor in International Studies is not just about learning cultures, but also gaining skills to make you a global professional in any field you choose.

Student Spotlight

Natalia Rios – Political Science, International Studies, & Public Relations

“I chose the International Studies program because it best complimented my Political Science curriculum by offering me a multi-national perspective. This program inspired me to pursue a professional working experience abroad. An opportunity of that nature will only enrich my work as a government employee.

My favorite class was Introduction to International Studies because it gave me a foundation to integrate the discipline of political science. Because of this class, I am able to compare, contrast, and analyze the American government versus foreign ones.

My favorite part about the program was being able to study abroad in Italy as part of one of the program requirements. While living abroad, I learned the language and exposed myself to a new culture while learning about its art and history.

Studying abroad is a “must do.” I recommend that every student do it, even if they think it is not accessible. ISU does a remarkable job of providing scholarships for pursuing academic opportunities like this one. Do not let the economic factor deter you from experiencing life abroad. You will become more independent and see life from a new perspective.”

What advice do you want to share with other students? “Be curious about other countries. It is easy to think that the way the US does things is the “default” mechanism when in reality, it was inspired by other cultures. Always question why things are the way they are and compare them to foreign governments.”